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About Alex

guitarbite is the strange alias that donteatmuffins chose for my journal. I've yet to complain.

Let's see. Alex M., Caucasian male, age 17, brown hair, green eyes, queer, shy, somewhat socially inept, positive outlook on life but prone to self-deprecation. Enjoys Arrested Development, The Office, Queer As Folk UK, Lost, RENT, Lord of the Rings, The X-Files, The Daily Show, the outdoors, wildlife, gym class (I don't know why I do), art class (that one is clearer: lots of mess), cleaning, reading, and cock, for the last one. Just to get that out there.

I was recently told by an anonymouse that I was the sweetest person they'd ever seen. I can hardly verify if that's true or not, but it still makes me smile to think about.

Ben and Alex

Ben and I have been best friends since first grade, and something of boyfriends (for lack of a less cheesy word) since middle school. Sometimes it seems like entries of mine don't completely make sense until you've read Ben's side of it and vice versa. We spend just about all our time together, and I don't know what I would possibly have done in my life in general had we never become friends.

Other things about this journal and guitarbite; as an internet person:

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